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Are Scratchers Really Worth Buying? πŸ±β€πŸ‘“

Those of us who have seen the arrival and gradual growth of babies around know very well how important is baby proofing the house is and how much mental and physical work it entails. Β In addition to that, a baby brings with it a lot of essential and non-essential accessories and must-haves for the convenience of parents, the caretakers that include other family members as well.


What is a pet?


A pet is nothing less than a baby in the house and pet-proofing is something that all pet parents should take seriously and learn well.Β  Here is our guide on the importance of having a pet scratcher around as an essential component of pet-proofing.


To begin with, it is important to understand why cats have to scratch in the first place?

Cats do not scratch just to while away time: they do so to loosen and remove the outer husk of their front claws so as to reveal forth a new and sharp surface underneath. Cats scratch using their front claws by dragging them downward, either on a horizontal or vertical surface. This action is also called stropping.

Secondly, it is their means to exercise their spine and well as forelimbs. It keeps the cat always ready to hunt, a characteristic true to the family to which cats belong.

Scratching is also a method of declaring something as the feline’s territory. Therefore, scratching can be labeled as a territory-marking or communicating behavior.

Therefore, more than anything else, scratching is done as a claw maintenance process by all cats.


Commonly speaking, scratching is seen as an initiation of playtime or even an attention-seeking tool. It has been observed that cats often scratch vigorously in the presence of their owners or other cats.


Nowadays, cats stay most of the time indoors. So, in the absence of proper scratchboard, cats popularly scratch on softwoods, fabrics, textured wallpaper, door-frames, furniture, stairs, and carpets.


Now, none of the pet owners would ever want persistent and daily damage to the things listed above in spite of all the love that they nurture for their furry companions. Trimming of nails can, to some extent, slow down the damage. However, nobody can cut on basic and natural behavioral actions of cats; SCRATCHING.

Therefore, it is important to provide an alternative to the animal that is acceptable and also offers a similar experience and outcome. Here is when pet care companies and manufacturers come in handy. Here is why pet scratching tools and accessories are relevant; they pet-proof your house; they save your expensive furnishing and walls.


MYAKAT has listed a wide range of scratching poles, boards, posts, and units that can be purchased at the convenience of a click. They provide the cats with avenues for play, exercise, and rest as well as a variety of surfaces to scratch on. Some models come with catnip and cat toys.Β  In multi-cat households, it is suggested that each cat be provided with a scratching post and all the units be placed at various locations.

Besides, the post should be placed near the sleeping area of the cat to entice and encourage her to use it. Remember, cats scratch after a nap.



How to choose a scratching board/post for your cat?


  • Judge with your budget and space available in your house.
  • Ensure the post is rigid and strong because the cat seeks resistance from the unit itself.
  • Choose according to the age/size of your cat.
  • Allow your cat a horizontal as well as vertical scratching experience.


Scratch posts are completely budgeted things; you don’t have to spend huge sums to buy one. They come in very affordable and attractive designs. If space is an issue with you, you can buy a flat scratching panel and fit it on your wall at a height suitable for your cat/kitten.


In short, Myakat does recommend buying a scratch post/board for your cat. Buy one and enjoy it with your feline friend.


Happy parenting folks!


Team Myakat!